The European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) relies on an integrated approach to encourage better policy development and the alignment of funding and resources through concrete actions and projects.

Since the Danube countries share a common territory and face interrelated cross-border issues, the Strategy aims to propose common solutions to the challenges faced by these countries.

However, to propose such solutions, policy-makers need first to be able to access clear and comparable information and understand better the issues involved.

Many stakeholders have been collecting data for several years at the regional, national and local levels but at the moment there is still no common access point for harmonised data covering a wide-range of scientific issues and encompassing the whole Danube Region.

Now is the time to fill this gap taking advantage of the investment made by Member States to implement INSPIRE and recent progresses on ICT standardisation.

For this reason, the JRC with the support of scientific partners of the Danube countries launched this project to develop a Danube Data and Services Infrastructure (DRDSI) that will facilitate access to comparable and harmonised data sets on various issues related to the Danube Region. Thanks to its cross-cutting nature, this Infrastructure will contribute to the holistic scientific approach needed to tackle the interrelated and interdependent challenges which the Danube Region is facing.

The DRDSI project was proposed as one of the flagship actions of Priority Area 07 "To develop the Knowledge Society (research, education and ICT)" of the EUSDR and is mentioned in the Roadmap for the implementation of this Priority Area. In particular, the Priority Area 7 Progress Report was referring to the following recommendation:
“Need to obtain a better overview of all research, initiatives and resources which are available and to gather the existing research results on the Danube Region in a structured and harmonised data set which could [be] used by policy makers across the Danube Region and will serve as a starting ground for the launch of large-scale projects in the future”.
The recent report (COM(2013)181 — 8/4/2013) from the Commission on the progresses made in the implementation of the EUSDR pinpoints the DRDSI initiative as one of the new projects contributing to the strengthening of the Danube Region.
DRDSI is part of the Scientific Support to the Danube Strategy, a JRC initiative aiming at addressing address the scientific challenges faced by the Danube Region from an integrated and cross-cutting perspective, taking into account the interdependencies between various policy priorities. It started in 2014 and will develop in stages according to the following roadmap.

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