The project offers a joint integrated approach for the whole Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area and it addresses a functional area; in this way, the project goes beyond the constraints imposed by national boundaries. Taking a holistic approach, and taking into account the economic, social and environmental elements, the strategic nature of the project is highlighted in the proposed activities: - Identify elements of potential- identify the main issues/ sectorial fields of analysis, - building a database- developing a strategy for the whole cross-border area,- finding ways of cooperation between authorities and citizens, all relevant stakeholders on both sides of the Danube. The project defines and builds the framework for cooperation in order to facilitate the use/exploitation of the territorial capital with the purpose to facilitate competitiveness and innovation for the entire program area, and also to protect and improve the environment and furthermore, the project helps define the next financial period (2014-2020) for both countries by identifying and prioritizing high-impact interventions to a cross-border area in the context of the European Union development and of the promoted priorities.