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SPATIAL Cross-border project

SPATIAL Cross-border project


Bulgaria and Romania are developing the first in the European Union trans-border reference land cover database, founded on the international standard ISO 19144-1-2 and the classification methodology of UN-FAO – LCCS.

The SPATIAL cross-border project involving Bulgaria and Romania is an example where data produced by JRC is being used as one of the inputs to create innovative (and integrated cross-border) value added products for the region. Image data from JRC was particularly useful due to the processing level ensuring uniform and homogeneous coverage of the whole territory of the cross-border area. This is also a good example of the successful cooperation of JRC with national structures with high research, operational and user-based capacity, in this case ASDE-Bulgaria.

The resultant products, such as the reference land cover, are of critical importance for policy making in the region and would be impossible without the input data released by JRC. Data are based on INSPIRE and ISO 19144-2 and can be extended to cover the whole macro-region through applying the common methodology developed by ASDE with support from JRC. This methodology can be extended to other countries and to different domains. A key element of the method is the novel integration of COPERNICUS data and information from the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS).

Project – MIS ETC 171 (SPATIAL) – common strategy for sustainable management of the cross-border territory of Bulgaria and Romania, financed by the cross-border cooperation program between Romania and Bulgaria.