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Geology in Europe

Geology in Europe


In order to see a geological map of the whole Danube Region selected services from the OneGeology portal will be used.

OneGeology is a global initiative of the Geological Surveys of the World, with 118 member countries. OneGeology enables free access to geological maps of the world provided by national Geological Surveys via WMS services. All those datasets are now also accessible from the DRSDI portal. This way we can select, for instance, a section of the geological map of Europe 1:5mil scale covering the whole Danube region area.

For more detailed geological information we will use OneGeology-Europe portal which represents the European contribution to OneGeology, coordinated, managed and maintained by EuroGeoSurveys, the organisation of the Geological Surveys of Europe. OneGeology-Europe provides harmonized maps of 23 European countries at a scale of 1:1M that have been compiled using a common pre-defined legend for describing the lithologies and ages of rocks over most of Europe. Thus, a complete semantic harmonization of the maps is achieved, which permits to have the overall picture of the geology without national borders. Each country provides its national map (WMS,WFS) to the OneGeology-Europe portal, guaranteeing fully updated data sets.

In the Danube area we can e.g. access maps for the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, using the common legend, which is available in the original languages of each nation. These maps can of course be queried for the description of every formation.

The portal also permits directly to download data from a selected window into different formats and three different projection systems to be used in a desktop GIS software. These download formats include GML /GeoSciML, the format expected by INSPIRE, or shape files.